The Memory Bear Kit

Over the past few months, I've been working on making the journey to having your very own Memory Bear as simple as possible.

I know how difficult it can be to take those first few steps. Finding the time to choose the clothes, knowing what type of clothing to include, where to even send them in the first place! So I've created The Memory Bear Kit.

All new orders for Memory Bears will now receive The Kit. It will include clear instructions on what steps you need to take, including an order form to include personalisation details and an addressed envelope to pop your cherished pieces of clothing into. No more having to check back on your messages and emails for the correct address, or scouring the website to see exactly how much is too much to send? Everything you need will be in The Memory Bear Kit.

What's more, is it makes it so simple to give a Memory Bear as a gift. I’ve had several customers come to me recently wanting to give a Memory Bear as a gift for an upcoming birthday or other special event, but were faced with one or more obstacles. Either they had left it too late to have a bear created in time for the event and didn’t feel like a gift voucher was personal enough, or they couldn’t get access to the clothing required to create the Memory Bear, without ruining the surprise of the gift.

Now you can simply order The Keepsake Memory Bear Kit online and you, or the giftee (is that even a word?!) if you choose to have it sent directly to them, will receive this beautiful ribbon tied box with everything they need to start the process themselves. These are the perfect creative and personal gifts for Baby Showers, Christenings, Naming Ceremonies, First Birthdays etc.

Once I’ve received your package I’ll work my magic and you will receive your keepsake in approximately 16 weeks (this is the current turnaround at time of publishing this blog post, please see the banner at the top of this page for up to date details).

Did I mention FREE SHIPPING? No? Oops! Shipping is now free within Ireland and the UK on all of our Keepsakes. No minimum spend, just keeping it simple.

I'd love to know what you think! Let me know in the comments below. I‘m so looking forward to helping you to hold on to your most precious memories. 

Melissa x

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