Hi, I'm Melissa, the one you will be trusting your precious pieces of clothing to, should you choose to press the place order button over at the checkout! So let me tell you a little bit about me...

 I've been sewing on and off for as long as I can remember. I used to raid the biscuit tin sewing box for a needle and a bit of thread as a child to create haute couture for my sister's Barbie dolls. They wore some very questionable outfits...

As a teenager I continued this project, only I scaled up and created outfits for myself. I also wore some very questionable outfits and discovered that safety pins aren't that safe if you're using a lot of them to hold your "new" trousers together. (I still thought they were pretty cool though...)

In 2009, I moved to Dublin to be with my love. Here I met an amazing, eclectic bunch of people who shared my love of odd outfits and allowed me to create some costumes for their stage performances. Of course I also needed costumes to go see the performances...

In 2014, we moved back to Donegal, welcomed our little girl into the world, and everything changed! 

We received so many beautiful little outfits for our daughter as gifts, but before long, we had  to put the tiny little babygros and dresses aside to make way for the huge next size up,  and I struggled. I felt like it was all going too fast and I wanted to keep her as a tiny newborn for ever.

Coming up to her first birthday, as I was looking through all the boxes of little clothes, I realised why I struggled packing them away. Certain outfits triggered special memories. There was the floral babygro she had worn coming home from the hospital, the cotton dress and matching shoes we had bought when we found out we were having a girl, the cute little giraffe outfit she wore when she had her first taste of 'real food', and the beautiful dress she wore for her Naming Ceremony. I could go on, but I won't bore you any more!  

HoneyStitches grew from an emotional mother's desperate need to hold on to all things teeny - basically

It was then that I decided to create my first Memory Quilt. I chose several little outfits that held memories of many special moments of joy, tears, firsts, lasts, celebrations and family. I put my heart into that little quilt. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it reignited my passion for sewing. I set about making Memory Quilts and Cushions for friends with babies and young children, perfecting my technique along they way!










I soon found myself inundated with requests from other parents who wanted their own memory quilts to mark special occasions and milestones from their baby's first year, and from there HoneyStitches was born.

As quickly as my daughter has grown, so has HoneyStitches. Not only have I been commissioned to create quilts from babies clothing, but also large quilts to display gig t-shirts, and some very special bears and cushions to remember loved ones who have passed away.